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High Pressure Water Blasting
High Pressure Water Blasting




Are you losing valuable production times for unnecessary maintenance procedures?
Is your downtime costing more than you care to admit?
Is your current method of cleaning providing the desired results?
Using your current methods do you ever experience excessive breakage or use harsh chemicals that can be damaging to the skin and the environment?

This new method of media blasting does not replace all others forms of grit blasting but provides one more unique and profitable tool box. In situations where sandblasting, and high pressure water blasting are too aggressive and produce added waste.

Dry-ice BlastingDry-ice Blasting

Dry-ice Blasting can perform nearly all the same duties that the abovementioned services can, without the problems of disposing of waste water or sand, and also without damaging different components or surfaces which are present on all different pieces of machinery.

With our product you can also clean delicate surfaces such as circuit boards and the inside of welding units.

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