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Look at this incredible dry ice blasting
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The Grand Penguin is doubling the cleaning power of dry ice... Watch the Video »
The Grand Penguin
The Grand Penguin

The Grand Penguin

Penguin Dry Ice Specialties Inc. has now not only revolutionized the two hose ventury dry ice blasting machine, making the Mighty dr-i-cer Jr. one of the leading competitors in the dry ice blasting market.

We have now moved the bar even higher, ask about and allow us to introduce our new The Grand Penguin one hose blasting machine.

Keeping our policy of simplicity, aggression, and low costs. We have built an incredible dry ice blasting machine, in some cases doubling the cleaning power of dry ice. The Grand Penguin is the blaster that will deliver the best value with top shelf performance. Which means high aggression, low maintenance and competitive pricing.

One Hose blasting system
The Grand Penguin Specifications:
Fully Insulated hopper - 65lb capacity
The Grand Penguin
The Grand Penguin
100% Pneumatic - no electric plug ins
Grounding cable for static control
Stainless steel construction
PUSH BUTTON – Emergency Stop
Compact for Easy Mobility
60psi – 125psi (250psi avail.)
100cfm minimum
Weight Approximately 250lbs
Dimension: 39Hx23Lx18W
25' blasting hose with cover
Blasting gun and standard blasting barrel
0.5 to 8lbs of adjustable ice consumption
Other Features:
Safety compliance labels
External Air Pressure gauge
Owners manual with step by step instructions
12 month limited warranty on parts and labour
90 day warranty on blasting hoses
Available Features:
Onsite training and operation safety
Customized nozzles
Extended Warranty
Nothing but the best for our customers!
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