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For purchase, rental, and lease details contact Penguin Dry Ice Specialties Inc. directly by phone, fax or email.
Toll Free: 1-888-301-0044

Praxair serves a wide range of industries: food and beverages, healthcare, semiconductors, chemicals, refining, primary metals and metal fabrication, as well as other areas of general industry.


Besides information about Dry Ice and where to find it locally. Ken was proud to start developing the site www.dryiceInfo.com on June 14, 2000. By the end of August he finished writing and started the much harder job of listing Dry Ice sellers.


Dry Ice Directory: The Web's leading source of Locations to buy Dry Ice. This informative site is supported by the manufactures and sellers of Dry Ice. Their data base lists over 1,000 dry ice stores!


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