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Before and After Cleaning
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Showcasing various equipment that Dry Ice
Blasting has been used to clean... Visit Photo Gallery »

Mould Cleaning
Tire moulds

Electrical Equipment
Motors, windings
Switch gear

Food Industry
Bake ovens
Packaging adhesives

Printing Presses
Overhaul cleaning
Gears, decks, guides
Flexographic printing
Analox rolls

Engine Cleaning
Adhesive sealant removal
Grease & oil removal

General Cleaning
Production machinery
Concrete surfaces
Fire damage (smoke)
Baked on contaminants


Automotive Assembly
Tire/rim assembly
Alignment rubber
Windshield & body sealants
Personal cooling fans
Robotic equipment

Marine Equipment
Ship hulls
Anti fouling paint removal
Water condensers
Heat exchangers
Intake valves

Core boxes with screens
Poured aluminum moulds

Landing gear
Brake components

Surface Preparation
Before painting
Storage tanks
Boiler -steam & mud drums

Automotive Manufacturing
Equipment cleaning
Robotic welding cleaning
Conveyor chain cleaning
Weld splatter | slag removal
Painting systems cleaning

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