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About Us

Penguin Dry Ice Specialties Inc. was formed in 1996 as an independent
dry-ice blasting company. In the beginning we relied solely on our dry-ice blasting units, establishing big name customer relations through quality
work and the promise to deliver that quality day in and day out.

Over the years we have grown and expanded and we now have the ability to diversify, with contracts in both water blasting and dry-ice blasting we have kept those names in high priority on our ever growing contact list.

Penguin Dry Ice Specialties Inc. has a small business attitude with a large inventory of equipment that allows us to approach large job prospects with the confidence that upon completion our customers will be pleased and we will never have to abandon our quality of work.

We are not only a service company, but we have come out with three unique blasting units in order to stay competitive in the industrial cleaning market.

Penguin Dry Ice Blasting Units
Our Dry Ice Blasting Units

The Little Penguin
Mighty Dr-i-cer™ Jr.
The Grand Penguin

Our blasting equipment is based on efficiency, aggression, and simplicity. Our family of products are everything you have been expecting from a dry-ice blasting units. They are built to last by our highly skilled manufacturing team of welders and fabricators.

If given the chance our company would be more than happy to add you to our dignified list of satisfied customers. We are here to save you money and hopefully relieve you from some of your maintenance headaches.

If you are involved in the maintenance or preservation of any piece of machinery or equipment, let us help you consider all the ways dry-ice blasting can benefit you and save your company downtime and money.

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