Dry Ice Specialists
The Little Penguin
We have engineered another ground breaking dry ice blasting machine.
The Little Penguin is compacted and light weight... More »
Mighty Dr-i-cer™ Jr.
Our Mighty dr-i-cer Jr. dry ice blasting machine is the most aggressive ventury (two hose) machine on the market. More »
The Grand Penguin
We have moved the bar even higher, allow us to introduce our new Grand Penguin blasting machine. More »
Dry Ice Blasting
Dry Ice Blasting
Dry Ice blasting is the process in
which dry ice particles are propelled
at high speed to impart and clean

The particles are accelerated by compressed air, just the same as other blasting systems. Most
applications are able to use... More »
Before and After CleaningVisit our Photo Gallery: Before & After Cleaning

Showcasing various
equipment that Dry Ice Blasting has
been used to clean. From Printing
Press Ink Deposit Removal to Circuit
Breaker Tar Coating Clean-up, this
showcase demonstrates our flexibility
in a wide range of production, cleaning
and maintenance applications...
Visit Photo Gallery »
The Grand Penguin Video
Look at this incredible dry ice blasting machine in action!
The Grand Penguin is doubling the cleaning power of dry ice... Watch the Video »
Analox Rolls Cleaning Video
Analox Rolls Cleaning using dry ice blasting!
Not only Mighty dr-i-cer™ Jr. aggressiveness but also its reliability makes it a leader in the dry ice blasting market.
Watch the Video »
Our unique cleaning system can clean
almost any surface like new - safely and economically.

Dry-ice Blasting can perform all the cleaning duties without the problems of disposing of waste water or sand.

When surface integrity is important or where moisture and grit entrapment could cause problems, we offer cleaning solutions to suit your specific requirements. More »
Mould Cleaning
Printing Presses
Electrical Equipment
Automotive Assembly
Food Industry
Printing Presses
Engine Cleaning
Automotive Assembly
Marine Equipment
General Cleaning
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